Cold Brewed to Perfection: our whole leaf teas gently steep in ice cold, filtered water for 16 hours.   This patient process allows the leaves to bloom slowly and release only the most delicate flavors into each bottle of EvyTea.

It takes time for plants to blossom in nature. We believe in applying the same patient and timely methods to brewing our teas. Cold brewing is a unique combination of ancient steeping practices and modern innovation. With dedication and patience, we nurture the highest quality, whole leaf teas in pristine, filtered water for 16 hours.

Unlike boiling water, which often burns and damages tea leaves, cold water allows the tea to bloom slowly while releasing only the most delicate flavors without any bitterness. Due to its low acidity, cold brewed tea is much easier on the body, releasing twice as many antioxidants and very little caffeine.

Cold brewing ensures that the tea remains alive and vibrant, clean-tasting and flavor-forward. This invigorating tea helps balance your body’s PH levels while hydrating and rebuilding your cells with powerful antioxidants.






Cold brewing allows the tea to bloom slowly and release only the most delicate flavors. By allowing the leaves to steep in frigid cold water for 16 hours or more, we ensure there is plenty of time to infuse the best possible taste into our teas. Only then, when we are satisfied the tea is the best it can be, do we add the herbs, spices, and extracts that make each Evy Tea blend unique.

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